Digital non-contact infrared thermometer Yobekan KV-12

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2487 digitalni bezdotykovy infracerveny teplomer yobekan kv 12
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The non-contact thermometer, non-contact, makes it easier to measure body temperature and the temperature of objects and surfaces. Fast, accurate and hygienic measurement in 1 second, 32 memories.

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The Yobekan KV-12 thermometer is a non-contact infrared thermometer suitable for the whole family, especially if there are children. The thermometer measures body temperature and ambient temperature (eg measuring the temperature of water for babies). Thanks to infrared technology, the Yobekan KV-12 non-contact thermometer is accurate and fast, with measurements taking place in 1 second. The thermometer stores 50 measured values ??and is therefore an excellent helper, especially if you have children at home. The thermometer allows comfortable measurement in sleep without waking up the child. The clear LCD display is large and backlit. The thermometer has a visual alarm when measuring fever.

Key features of the Yobekan KV-12 thermometer

The Yobekan KV-12 thermometer is a non-contact infrared thermometer

Possibility to turn off the sound signal

Thermometer with two modes for measuring body temperature and ambient temperature

The clear LCD display is large and backlit

The thermometer is suitable for adults, seniors and children

The device will be appreciated if you have small children in the family, it allows you to measure the temperature even in their sleep

The measurement takes place within 1 second

The thermometer measures from a distance of 1 - 5 cm

The thermometer shows the severity of the temperature in color (green up to 37.3 ° C, yellow 37.4 ° C - 38 ° C, red from 38.1 ° C)

Yobekan KV-12 has an automatic thermometer shutdown function

With low battery indicator


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