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The Yobekan YBK303 oximeter is designed to control the level of oxygen in the blood. If you get COVID-19 and are being treated at home, an oximeter can be a useful tool to check that your blood is sufficiently oxygenated.

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Product detailed description

The Yobekan YBK303 Oximeter is designed to control the level of oxygen in the blood of people with any type of disease that can affect this level. These conditions include, for example:


-chronic obstructive pulmonary disease




-heart attack or heart failure

-congenital heart defects

The oximeter will help you assess how well your treatment is, evaluate whether you need help with breathing, help you monitor oxygen levels during or after surgery, and find out how effective supplemental therapy is. Thanks to it, you will assess your ability to withstand increased physical activity.

Pulse oximeters can be falsely low if you have circulatory problems associated with poor blood flow to the limbs, such as very cold hands, internal vascular disease, or Raynaud's phenomenon.

In general, a declining value approaching 90% means that you should seek medical attention.

Display mode: TFT-LCD two-color display

  • measurement accuracy: in the range of 70% ~ 99% ± 2%, ≤ 70%, no definition of accuracy

  • mevolution: blood oxygen saturation ± 1%

  • pulse frequency: measuring range 30 BPM 240 BPM Measurement accuracy: ± 3BPM or ± 1% of the measured value (takes a larger value)

  • battery model: 2 AAA 1.5 V alkaline batteries

  • power consumption: less than 30 mA

  • Auto power off: auto power off after 8 seconds without inserting a finger

  • 4 LCD display mode