Beurer PO 40 Pulse Oximeter for Home Use

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  • Beurer PO 40 Pulse Oximeter is a small, compact, light and simple to use pulse oximeter for home use. Beurer PO 40 Pulse Oximeter measures arterial oxygen saturation, heart rate (pulse) and Perfusion Index (PI) which indicates the strength of the pulse at the finger.

  • 5 year warranty

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Beurer PO 40 is battery powered for convenient use at home and during travel. It focuses on key essential measurements, such as SpO2, pulse rate and pulse strength, as these are vital signs of health and can indicate presence of arising potential acute problems. Low oxygen saturation value can be in general an indicator of respiratory or cardiac illnesses. Beurer PO 40 Pulse Oximeter is therefore especially useful for people with lung disorders (i.e. bronchial asthma, COPD), heart failure and cardiac problems as well as for sports people training at high altitudes (i.e. mountaineers, climbers, skiers, light aircraft pilots, etc.).


Ready for immediate use, Beurer PO 40 Pulse Oximeter features colour display with adjustable brightness and low battery indicator. Compact in size and light, the Beurer PO 40 Pulse Oximeter is perfect for everyday use at home and during travel.


Pulse Oximeter Beurer PO 40 overview

Pulse oximeter

Compact and light portable design

Easy to use – insert one finger and press the function button

Fast – measurement values appear on the display after few seconds

Displays SpO2, pulse rate (PRbpm), perfusion index (i.e. PI = pulse strength)

Accurate: SpO2:70-100%, ± 2%; Pulse: 30-250 bpm, ± 2 beats/minute; PI: 0.3% - 1%; ±0.2 digits; >1.1% ± 20%

Easy to read 2-colour display

Adjustable display brightness (1 – 10)

7 display formats

Pulse curve display

Low battery indicator

Automatic switch off after 8 seconds of no signal detected

Battery powered (2 x 1.5V AAA batteries included)

Supplied with retaining strap and belt pouch

Operating conditions: 5°C - 40°C; ?15 - 93% RH; 86 – 196 kPa ambient pressure

Dimensions: 58.4 x 35.5 x 37 mm

Weight: circa 57 g (including batteries)

CE mark Medical Device (CE0483)