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 A light snood incorporating a nanofibre material that blocks 99.9% of car exhaust (PM2.5), viruses, bacteria, dust and pollen.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Activewear with Stealth Protection

The R-Shield offers stealthy and fashionable protection for active people. It looks like a normal light accessory sitting around your neck, ready to be pulled up when entering polluted or crowded areas, or avoiding dust, allergies and pollen.

Launched in 2018 following a successful Kickstarter campaign, the R-Shield incorporates a nanofibre membrane with several million nano-pores per centimetre. The membrane blocks car fumes, pollen,viruses, bacteria, dust and mites whilst allowing oxygen to freely flow through.

RESPILON® nanofibre is so thin and light, a single gram of it is enough to create a string long enough to wrap around the entire Earth, and 10 grams would stretch a line to the Moon 385,000km away.

The snood is specifically designed to help ensure an intake of breath goes through the filter and not via errant air flows. An adjustable cord and padded nose clip ensure a good seal can be achieved for any face shape. Everything from the bridge of the nose downwards is covered by the protective mesh filter with a micro-pore size of 0.01µm. The R-Shield is recommended to be used for 50 washing cycles which means it offers a long-term protective solution. The R-Shield is not classed as PPE.

All Weather or Hot Summer & Sports

The R-Shield is available as an all-weather snood for year-round use or an ultra-lightweight "Light" summer/sports version with outstanding heat-release and moisture wicking properties. The R-Shield Light will help you stay cool and comfortable during intense activity.

Filtration Qualities

Independent testing has found that normal polyester and cotton scarves and snoods block around 1%-3% of fine particulates. The R-Shield nano filter is proven to block 99.9% of fine particles (PM1.0 & viruses). Testing has been completed by Nelson Laboratories (USA), EMPA Laboratories (Switzerland) and VUT (Czech Republic).

Size Information

Dimensions When Laid Flat:

  • Childrens = 235mm width / 300mm height

R-Shield Kids is suitable for 5yrs to 40kg, larger children should opt for the adults R-Shield. Not suitable for under 5yrs, parental supervision required at all times.

Care Instructions

The R-Shield is recommended to be used for 50 washing cycles before being replaced. To ensure the R-Shield stays in good working condition, either use a delicate 30'C cycle on your washing machine or hand wash it in a bowl of soapy water that is below 30'C, then leave somewhere warm to dry. The filter is part of the garment and does not need changing.

  • Do not use bleach or fabric softeners
  • Do not iron
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not dry clean


Key Features
  • Hazardous airborne particulates inc. car fumes (PM2.5), viruses, bacteria, dust and pollen are too big to pass through the breathable nano-pores in the filtering material
  • "Light" option for use in hot weather, indoors and during sports
  • A padded nose clip and adjustable rear cord provide a secure fit without any pressure points
  • Won’t slip down your face
  • No annoying elements inside or straps behind your ears
  • Two-way 99.9% filtration
  • Replaces dozens of alternative masks cutting down on waste
  • The only snood of its kind anywhere in the world
  • An everyday accessory that looks like a normal lightweight scarf/snood
  • Manufactured in the EU since 2018
  • For every R-Shield sold, a donation is made to good causes
  • In the box: 1 x R-Shield with instructions

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