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The second generation of our best selling reusable respirator that blocks and destroys viruses. Our most advanced shape of respirator for a secure fit.

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A World Unique Respirator

The combination of two unique features: filtration for pathogens and the ability to kill them, makes the RespiPro® VK ideal PPE for infection control purposes in professional and every day situations. Manufactured in Europe, the RespiPro® VK holds specific European test certificates against human coronaviruses, as well being proven effective against other common bacteria and viruses. The reusable RespiPro® VK can dramatically reduce turnover of masks, which also lowers costs and the environmental impact of daily mask use.

Self Sterilising & Reusable

Thanks to a patented accelerated copper technology that destroys viruses and bacteria, the RespiPro® VK can be used repeatedly over a 30 hour period provided it still fits perfectly and shows no signs of wear. The usage time of 30 hours can be split over multiple uses: you could wear the mask for 6 hours a day Mon-Fri without the risk of viral cross contamination in the filter. Diligent mask handling is still required at all times.

The filtration abilities and self-sterilisation of the mask have no expiration date.

Independent lab testing has proven that no copper particles are released during mask use - the patented copper technology is not a coating, but rather integrated into the mask material itself.

Perfect for a work shift

Most FFP2/FFP3 masks (those considered effective at protecting the wearer from viral transmission) can lose up to 60% filtration ability after 30mins use due to humidity from the wearers breath. The nanofibre filter in every RESPILON® respirator is not effected by humidity and filtration can actually get more efficient the longer the mask is used (from a 99% starting point).

Size & Face Fit

The RespiPro® range of respirators has an advanced "C-shape" 3D design combined with the flexibility and lighter weight of nanofibre. The shape conforms to the contours of the face to provide a protective seal and easy comfort. This offers an advantage over other more rigid respirators in terms of achieving a good face fit.  In addition, the variable sizes (M&L) and use of the optional clip to turn the loops into headstraps means that virtually any adult should be able to achieve a great fit with the RespiPro® VK.

Available in two adult sizes:  

  • Medium - for small adults
  • Large - best for average and large adults
Headstraps or Ear Loops

Whether you use the ear loops alone or secure the mask using the straps around the back of your head comes down to your individual face fit and comfort. This newly developed adaptability ensures a secure face-fit for everyone.

If using the RespiPro® VK casually then the ear loops may be more convenient and if the fit is good you will be protected. If you are a professional that needs the mask to remain fully in place for a long period whilst working without having to touch it, securing the super-soft straps around your head with the clip may offer the best solution.

Key Features
  • Primary Certified Purpose: protection of respiratory tract from aerosols, solid and liquid particles
  • Two-way filtration for airborne viruses and bacteria up to 99.9% efficiency
  • Self-sterilisation immediately destroys viruses and bacteria coming from the environment or the wearer
  • Second generation: Newly developed extra soft straps/loops for long term comfort
  • Reusable for up to 30 hours (provided the mask shows no signs of damage/wear)
  • No maintenance or washing required thanks to self-sterilising technology, which also keeps the mask fresh and odour free
  • Our most advanced mask shape, following facial contours for a secure face-fit
  • If worn for 4hrs-6hrs a day, costs just over ?1 a day for some of the best protection available
  • Weighs less than a piece of A4 paper and extremely easy to breathe through
  • Blocks all types of particulates including air pollution, fine dust and allergens
  • Resistant against liquids including blood, non-corrosive chemicals and paraffin oil
  • Can be used as an FFP2 certified dust mask or anti-pollution mask
  • One pack of 2 masks provides up to 60 hours of certified protection
  • This reusable respirator can reduce disposable mask wastage by over 90%
  • CE Marked certified FFP2 respirator in accordance with the EN 149:2001+A1:2009
  • Manufactured in the EU (Czech Republic). All orders shipped from our UK office
  • In the pack: 2 x RespiPro VK respirator + headband clip, user guide



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