10x stylová nano rouška IIR Balerina - Jednorožci (č.14)

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Our nano face mask offers protection during close contact with other people, thanks to its first-class properties. This versatile face mask ensures that professionals, such as healthcare workers, paramedics and police officers, feel safe. However, it can also be used in everyday life. High-quality nanofibers of Czech production guarantee maximum protection and effectively filter particles up to the size of a virus. Its bacterial filtering efficiency (BFE) equals 98%. The elastic bands and sewn-in wire make it comfortable to wear.

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Product detailed description

A plain face mask prevents the spread of infection from the wearer to the environment. In contrast, a nanofiber face mask substantially increases the protection of its wearer and protects the wearer as well.

The disposable nano face mask represents the most effective option among the face masks, and its properties are close to respirators while retaining the comfort of wearing face masks.

Its nanofibre membrane is so dense that it can trap even the tiniest particles, including viruses. At the same time, it’s very breathable, so you can breathe easily.

It’s unisex in design. It fits both men and women perfectly. It is intended for all responsible people, the elderly and people with reduced immunity.

You can put it on in a second, thanks to the elastic bands. Then just squeeze the adjustable nose clip with your thumb and forefinger, and your protection and comfort are assured.

Made in the EU.

The product complies with EN 14683+AC:2019


  • BFE = 99.9%, viruses 98.6% (Ballerina)
  • Size: universal
  • Packed 10 pcs
  • BATIST nano face masks with the inscription NANO
  • Rubber bands and sewn wire
  • Lightweight design
  • Nanotechnology

For health reasons, the product cannot be returned within 2 weeks.


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