Protective gloves with oat extract, size XS, S, M, L, XL

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SafeHAND COATS nitrile gloves can be used for diagnostic procedures. 

They are the optimal choice for anyone who is safety-conscious in their daily work duties. 

SafeHAND COATS are an excellent alternative for allergy sufferers. Their composition does not cause a type I allergic reaction, irritation and redness of the skin of the hands of persons allergic to latex. 



Detailed information

Product detailed description

Nitrile gloves with oats have appropriate certificates confirming their safety. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved this product and placed it on the general market as a skin protectant.

 The modern technology used in the manufacturing process of the protective gloves with oat extract not only provides optimal protection at work, but also ensures that the hands do not dry out and are always properly moisturized. This is all thanks to the natural colloidal oat extract that coats the inside of the gloves.

 The ingredients used to create the extract are sourced from certified crops. They are found in Sweden and Finland, among others. β-Glucan is one of the oat fractions - it has similar properties to hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the human body.

 Because of its unique moisturizing properties, nitrile gloves with oats are especially recommended for people who have to deal with skin hypersensitivity on a daily basis. The oat extract contained in the gloves makes the skin on the hands more nourished and supple. If your hands did not react well to direct contact with disposable gloves, then definitely try nitrile gloves with oats. You'll notice the difference in comfort the first time you use them. SAFEHAND COATS will make the skin of your hands soft and smooth.

 Oat extract accelerates the healing process of skin irritations and wounds.

The gloves reduce redness on the hands.

Oat extract helps to reduce inflammation.

Oat extract is a relief and deep hydration for tired hands.

Regular use of protective gloves with oat extract helps maintain proper skin pH.

The inner layer of the protective glove with oat extract is the source of numerous compounds that improve skin condition.

The product has been thoroughly clinically tested - it is a certified personal protective equipment and medical device.

Oat nitrile gloves are approved for food contact.


The high barrier properties of these gloves have been demonstrated in in-use tests:

ASTM F1671 method of testing the strength of materials for penetration of bloodborne pathogens

Test method for glove resistance to penetration of cytostatics according to ASTM D6978

method for determining the resistance of protective gloves to chemicals and microorganisms according to EN 374


Protective gloves with oat extract can be used, among others, by people working in:

medical industry (dental offices, outpatient clinics, laboratories, hospitals, clinics),

beauty salons - beauty salons, hairdressing salons,

food, catering and HoReCa sector,

cleaning sector.


Allergic reactions may occur in persons sensitive to Zinc Dibutyl Dithiocarbamate (ZDBC/CAS No: 136-23-2). This is a chemical used in trace amounts in the manufacture of protective gloves with oat extract. In case of an allergic reaction, remove the gloves as soon as possible (observe safety precautions) and contact a doctor. People with gluten allergies should also take extra care when using protective gloves with oat extract. People suffering from celiac disease cannot use these gloves at all.


High tensile strength and flexibility 

Resistance to penetration of popular chemotherapy drugs 

High chemical resistance and barrier properties confirmed by tests carried out according to EN ISO 374

Synthetic material does not cause allergic reactions

Rolled cuff, reversible shape 

Textured finger surface facilitates precise grip

Powder-free - no risk of environmental contamination with powder 

Raw material: nitrile rubber (NBR)

Available sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

MDR classification: medical device - Class I (8% VAT)

PPE classification: Personal Protective Equipment - Category III

Number of pieces per pack: 100