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Glass lid, 9 adjustable LED backlight colors, Wifi control, Alexa voice control, tank capacity 300ml
Smart aroma diffuser that can be controlled wirelessly using the application on your smartphone. It also works with Alexa voice control.

Tune your home to an atmosphere of well-being and peace with our humidifier. Suitable for aromatherapy, chromotherapy (light therapy), due to its design, this device is also a stylish interior accessory.




Detailed information

Product detailed description

This appliance converts water into fine water vapor. If you add a few drops of essential oil to the water, the aroma diffuser will decompose it into fine microparticles by the action of ultrasound, which scent your apartment. You can choose what aromatherapy effect you want to achieve. Cinnamon calms and cheers you, grapefruit relieves irritation and anger, the scent of eucalyptus relieves your fatigue and increases brain activity, and also repels mosquitoes. The effects of aromatherapy are proven, because smell affects our mood the most of all the senses. In addition, a choice of 9 LED colors achieves a chromotherapeutic effect (color spectrum therapy).

Suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, offices, yoga clubs, fitness, SPA centers and massage parlors.

Easy operation of the device - remove the lid, fill the device with water and drip a few drops of 100% essential oil (not included).

Quiet operation - works on the principle of ultrasound technology, and therefore its operation is very quiet. It will not disturb you in your sleep or during yoga practice.

Automatic shut-off system - the device switches itself off as soon as the liquid in it evaporates. There is no risk of damaging the device.

Technical parameters:
- tank capacity: 300 ml
- material: plastic (imitation wood) + glass
- 9 LEDs of adjustable colors, automatic switching between colors, or complete extinction for undisturbed operation at night.
- timer: 1/3/6 hours or continuous operation (switches itself off as soon as the liquid in it evaporates)
- it is enough to humidify a room with a size of 20 m2, the fragrant essence will be dispersed in a space of up to 30 m2
- power supply: 24Vdc power supply (included in the package)
- power consumption: approx. 10W
- dimensions: 17x16.9 cm

Wireless control via the Internet with 2G / 3G / 4G / Wi-Fi networks
Applications: Smart Life for Android and iOS
Works with: Amazone Alexa, Google Assistant, Google Home

Smart Life, settings via the application:
Switching all functions of your diffuser on and off: Setting the brightness and color of the LED backlight, setting the time when the diffuser should start and stop automatically.




Additional parameters

Category: Protective Equipment
Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 0.1 kg
Producer:: Hütermann