Hütermann A01 aroma diffuser 300ml light wood - ultrasonic, 7 LED colors

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Brand: Hütermann
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Tune your home to the atmosphere of peace and tranquility with our air humidifier. Suitable for aromatherapy, chromotherapy (light therapy), this design is also a stylish interior accessory. This appliance converts water into fine water vapor.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

If you add a few drops of essential oil to the water, the diffuser aroma is broken down by ultrasound into the fine microparticles that will bleed your apartment. You can choose what aromatherapeutic effect you want to achieve. Cinnamon will soothe and cheer you up, grapefruit will release irritation and anger, eucalyptus scents will ease your fatigue and increase brain activity and mosquitoes. The effects of aromatherapy are proven, the smell affects our mood from all senses the most. By choosing from 7 colors of LEDs, you will achieve chromotherapeutic effect (color spectrum therapy). Suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, offices, yoga clubs, fitness and spa centers, massage salons. Operation of the instrument is very simple. Simply unscrew the lid, fill with water and drop a few drops of 100 percent essential oil (not included).

Product parameters:

Quiet operation:

- this aromadifier works on the principle of ultrasound technology

- so its operation is very quiet, it will not disturb you in your sleep or yoga exercises

Automatic shutdown system:

- the device switches itself off as soon as the liquid evaporates in it. There is no danger of damage to the device

Function buttons:

 Light: You can choose between 7 colors of LED lighting. You can choose whether the colors will be gradually changed (move one to the other) or by pressing the 'Light' button select the color you like most. Repeat press to change the color you want to change. Each color is additionally adjustable from clear to dull

Mist: Press this button to select the length of time the diffuser will produce mist. You can choose between 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, or the device can be switched on permanently until it is switched off or switched off automatically after the liquid has evaporated



Technical parameters :

- capacity of the container: 300 ml (enough for 6 hours to form mist)
- material: plastic (imitation wood)
- 7 adjustable LED colors
- bottle volume: 0.3l
- timer: 1/3 / 6h / Permanently on
- power supply: 230V / 24VDC power supply (included)
- power consumption: approx. 14W
- dimensions: 16.8x16.8x15 cm

Additional parameters

Category: Protective Equipment
Weight: 0.1 kg
Producer:: Hütermann