Beurer PO 80 Pulse Oximeter with Software for Oxygen Saturation Monitoring at Home

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  • Beurer PO 80 Pulse Oximeter is a comprehensive portable arterial blood oxygen saturation monitor for use anytime and anywhere - at home and during travel and in hospitals and clinics.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Beurer PO 80 Pulse Oximeter with Software is an advanced pulse oximeter suitable for monitoring arterial oxygen saturation at home and in medical institutions, such as clinics, medical centres, hospitals and nursing homes.

Pulse Oximeter Beurer PO 80 has a large display that provides a clear reading of the measurements. It is suitable for short term (i.e. occasional as required) use and for continuous use of up to 24 hours. The Beurer PO 80 pulse oximeter features an alarm function, which warms users when pre-set tolerance levels are exceeded.

The Beurer PO 80 can be connected to a PC via USB connector and your data stored and analysed using SpO2 Viewer Manager Software.

Beurer SpO2 –Viewer Manager Software

The SpO2 –Viewer Manager Software (included) allows the user to transfer the data from the pulse oximeter to a PC and to obtain a detailed evaluation of recordings. The software has 2 elements:

SpO2 – Viewer: This element of the software enables you to display your reading values in real time on the PC screen during actual measurements.

SpO2-Manager: This element of the software enables you to download previously stored measurement data to your PC and to manage and analyse them.

You can print out the data at any time, showing the trend of the measurements up to the point of the printout.

When printing the measured data, you can choose from 4 different reports:

Summary report

Full Study Report

OxiMetery Report

Strip Chart Report

Alongside the printout, an automatic appraisal of the recorded data is offered to support medical diagnostic findings of your doctor.   

Pulse Oximeter Beurer PO 80 has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery and the device can be recharged from a mains power socket or via USB cable from a computer.  Please note that the device should be charged prior to first use. Blue charger indicator lamp on the device will indicate charging and go off as soon as the battery is fully charged.  

Beurer PO 80 Pulse Oximeter summary

Easy to read colour display

Adjustable display brightness

Pulse curve display

Alarm function when preset parameters are exceeded (i.e. upper and lower limits of oxygen saturation levels and pulse rate)

Low battery indicator

Automatic switch off

Battery powered (integrated rechargeable lithium battery (500 mAh / 3.7 V)

Mains power input to recharge battery: AC 100 - 240V ~50/60 Hz

Retaining strap and belt pouch

Compact (57 x 32 x 30 mm)

Light:  circa 39 g (including built-in battery)

Software system requirements: Operating systems Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

CE mark Medical Device (CE0483)

Beurer PO 80 Pulse Oximeter with Software kit

Beurer PO 80 kit consists of the pulse oximeter unit, lanyard, Mini CD with SpO2-Viewer Manager Software, data cable, USB charger, belt bag and user instructions. CE mark Medical Device (CE0483) and 3 years warranty.

Pulse Oximeters introduction

Pulse Oximeters are non-invasive monitoring devices that measure arterial blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate (i.e. pulse rate) at the fingertips. Easy to use, Beurer Pulse Oximeters are especially useful and suitable for patients with bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive lung diseases and respiratory complaints and those with cardiac insufficiency and heart failure. Pulse Oximeters are also helpful for athletes and people living at high altitudes or are regularly exposed to high altitudes (i.e. amateur pilots, mountaineers, climbers and skiers).    

Pulse Oximeters are easy to use, accurate and precise, whilst non-invasive devices for painless monitoring oxygen saturation of arterial blood and pulse rate at the fingertips. Beurer Pulse Oximeters offer the benefits of smart technology, enabling the users to view the measurements on flexible colour display aligned with the direction of the monitor positioning for easy reading. The measurements are presented in clear and easy to understand colour graphics.

Pulse Oximeter - measurements understanding

Normal values of pulse oximeter readings depend on many factors, such as the health status, oxygen percentage in the air, the activities performed and respiratory rate.

For a healthy person, the SpO2 (normal blood oxygen saturation level) is between 94% – 99%.

When a person suffers with mild respiratory disease, the blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) falls to between 90% - 94%. Unless you have already consulted your doctor, you should do so as soon as possible.

When oxygen saturation (SpO2) falls below 90% (<90%), critical level arises and the sufferer may require supplementary oxygen administration. Medical attention should be sought urgently.

Please note that the above classification does not apply to people with cert?ain pre-existing conditions (such as asthma, heart problems, respiratory diseases) and when at altitudes above 1500 m.

Low oxygen saturation value usually indicates underlying health problems, such as asthma and other respiratory complaints, cardiac problems, etc. People presenting with low oxygen saturation are likely to experience shortness of breath, higher pulse rate, outbreaks of sweating, fatigue and weakness or nervousness and anxiety. People with chronic low oxygen saturation should be monitored under medical supervision. If your oxygen saturation levels are low, consult your doctor – even if you do not experience symptoms such as breathlessness, increased heart rate, nervousness or fatigue. 

Pulse oximeters are of great value to people at risk, helping them to monitor their oxygen saturation regularly for awareness and peace of mind and for keeping their doctor informed! If you are in any doubt as to the status of your health, always consult your doctor for advice or further investigations.

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