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Wrist blood pressure monitors offer assurance in a compact form. They allow you to regularly monitor and keep an eye on your blood pressure. The product reports incorrect usage...

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The fully automatic wrist blood pressure monitor measures quickly and conveniently even during inflation. Data transfer via Bluetooth® directly to a smartphone ensures that you...

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The speaking blood pressure monitor for the upper arm issues measurements acoustically in addition to showing them on the display. The volume can be adjusted and it is also...

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The Beurer BM 58 blood pressure monitor measures your current blood pressure and is intended primarily for domestic use. The measurement takes place on the arm, and thanks to...

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Fever measurement made easy! With the FT 85 non-contact thermometer, it is extremely easy to measure body temperature, ambient and surface temperature.

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The all-rounder EVO device - an integrated finger pricker/lancing device, glucose meter with display, and USB connectivity all in one simple unit. It's also quick, accurate, and...

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Beurer IH 21 Inhalator
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The Beurer IH 21 compressor nebulizer is a safe, efficient and reliable nebulizer for home use.A compressor nebuliser that uses compressed air technology to nebulise liquid...

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Beurer ME 90 Mobile ECG is a mobile ECG monitor that is indicated for monitoring of heart rhythm at home and during travel. The Beurer ME 90 also provides the average value of...

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Beurer MG 70 Infrared Massager with penetrating tapping massage help to provide you utmost comfort and relaxation. The massager has 2 function levels and comes with 2...

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The high-quality Beurer PO 30 pulse oximeter measures very accurately the oxygen saturation of hemoglobin in the arterial part of the bloodstream (SpOh) and the heart rate. This...

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Beurer PO 40 Pulse Oximeter is a small, compact, light and simple to use pulse oximeter for home use. Beurer PO 40 Pulse Oximeter measures arterial oxygen saturation, heart rate...

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Professional pulse oximeter Beurer PO 60 BT finds its application in healthcare, on the road and at home. With this device you can easily determine the oxygen saturation of...

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