Oxygen intended for inhalation therapy - natural

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The oxygen intended for inhalation therapy - Boost Oxygen with the scent of pink grapefruit/mint/rosemary/menthol and eucalyptus is 95% pure oxygen, completely natural and safe with a pleasant citrus aroma. Unlike stimulants and energy drinks that contain caffeine, sugars and other unhealthy ingredients that can even harm the body with prolonged consumption, Boost Oxygen provides pure oxygen conveniently and prescription-free.



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The oxygen intended for inhalation therapy Boost Oxygen Pink Grapefruit/Natural/Peppermint/Rosemary/Eucalyptus and Menthol provides the aromatherapy benefits of pink grapefruit, such as alertness, vigour, energy and balanced moods while increasing mental well-being and reducing stress. The refreshing aromatherapeutic scent of pink grapefruit also helps boost the immune system, improve mood and has other positive effects.


Boost Oxygen represents an ideal choice for people climbing to high altitudes, professional and amateur athletes, as well as seniors and celebrities.


A few breaths of Boost Oxygen will ensure you stay in the best shape possible!



A 9-litre bottle of booster oxygen will last you up to 200 seconds.

A 5-litre bottle of booster oxygen will last you more than 100 seconds.


Place the mask under your nose and use it to cover your mouth. Press the lever to start the oxygen flow. Inhale through your mouth.



Users report that 15 to 40 inhalations of varying lengths benefit them. Boost Oxygen’s medium-sized bottles contain 5 litres of oxygen, enough for more than 100 one-second inhalations. The large Boost Oxygen bottles contain 9 litres of oxygen for up to 200 one-second inhalations.



Boost Oxygen is oxygen pressurised into a bottle (similar to an inflated tire). No aerosols or propellants are used. As the bottle empties, the flow pressure reduces until the bottle is completely empty. Once there is no oxygen flowing, the bottle is empty.



Our bottles are made of aluminium, which means they are recyclable. They can be disposed of in the same way as other aluminium cans, i. e., you recycle them usually.