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Infrared thermometer for fast and accurate temperature measurement on the forehead or ear. The thermometer is part of the basic equipment of every first aid kit. The Veroval® 2in1 infrared touch thermometer measures temperature in as little as 1 second. You can measure the temperature on the forehead or in the ear. It's up to you which way suits you better. The package also includes 10 hygienic covers and more can be purchased. The last 10 measurement results are automatically stored in the thermometer's memory.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

The Veroval 2in1 medical thermometer (Veroval DS 22) is excellent for measuring temperatures in children from 6 months of age, but it can also be used for measuring temperatures in adults. When used correctly, the device guarantees fast, accurate and convenient body temperature measurement.

How does the Veroval® 2in1 thermometer work?
The control is very simple, you set the measurement method and press the button. At the beginning and end of the measurement, the thermometer emits an audio and optical signal. The sound signal can be switched off, so you can easily measure the temperature even for a sleeping child.

Měření teploty v uchu i na čele

When measuring the temperature at the forehead, you will know the result in 3 seconds. When measuring in the ear, you will even learn it in as little as 1 second. You will especially appreciate the speed when measuring children who will not last a long time in peace.

Long battery life
The battery in the thermometer lasts up to 1000 measurements without replacement and the thermometer is covered by a 3-year warranty.

Package contents
Medical thermometer with an attachment for measuring the temperature on the forehead
2 x 1.5V AAA batteries
10x disposable protective cover
storage box
instructions for use with warranty card
Robust and reliable thermometer thanks to high quality workmanship
This thermometer has been developed in accordance with HARTMANN's strict quality assurance guidelines. It is focused on customer needs and meets the highest requirements for stability.

Temperature measurement method :

Temperature measurement on the forehead

The thermometer measures the infrared radiation emitted by the skin in the forehead, temples and surrounding tissues. Check that the mode switch is set to measure the front temperature. The sensor detects this radiation and converts it to temperature values. You will get the most accurate values ​​if you scan the entire forehead area from one sleep to the other. When measuring the front temperature, always attach the front temperature measuring attachment. When measuring on the forehead, do not use a disposable protective cover to measure the temperature in the ear, as it causes an error in the result.




 Ear temperature measurement
The measurement can be performed in the right or left ear. Make sure the mode switch is set to measure the temperature in your ear. The thermometer measures the infrared rays emitted by the eardrum and ear canal. The sensor captures these rays and converts them to temperature values. You will get the highest values ​​when capturing infrared rays from the middle ear (eardrum). The rays emitted by the surrounding tissues result in lower measured values. If the front attachment is attached, remove it by simply pulling it.


Important warning :
It is a medical device.
Always read the product information carefully and, if included, the instructions for use before use