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The Thermoval® kids flex thermometer is a reusable, digital thermometer for rectal, oral or axillary measurement

that is intended for temporary monitoring of the body temperature of humans and can be used by laypersons and

healthcare professionals in clinical and domestic settings.

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Product detailed description

Thermoval® kids flex is a digital maximum thermometer in direct measuring mode (non-extrapolating) and

therefore is a real measuring and not a predictive measuring device.


Thermoval® kids flex is applicable for the determination and monitoring of human body temperature in the rectum,

the mouth or the armpit.

The digital pen-type thermometer is equipped with a flexible measuring tip, extra-large LCD display, on/off button,

removable battery cap and with a plug-on transparent protective case. It displays the measured temperature in

°C, has battery sign, beeper signal, automatic switch-off function and single memory function. It is battery powered

using a replaceable long-life battery, is waterproof and free of Latex, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), DEHP (diethylhexyl

phthalate) and Mercury (Hg).

The device can be switched on by pressing the on/off button and a long signal tone confirms that the thermometer

is operational. The flashing of the “°C” symbol indicates when the thermometer is ready for temperature

measurement and an acoustic beeper signal indicates when the measurement is completed.

Thermoval® kids flex measures the body temperature within following times:

rectal: 10-15 sec

oral: 10-30 sec

axillary: 10-40 sec

(The above measurement periods are average experience values in dependence of the correct placement of the measurement

tip and of individual conditions




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