Nitrile gloves Trendy PF, size L, XL

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Nitrile gloves are characterized not only by high durability and flexibility. By not being coated with a powder agent, they have a wide range of applications - not only in medicine, but also in gastronomy.



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Trendy PF gloves are flexible, which ensures high comfort and excellent grip accuracy. In addition, they are characterized by high tensile strength (in this respect they are comparable to latex gloves). This guarantees good protection against infections and makes working in them not only comfortable but also safe.

Trendy PF nitrile gloves are also an excellent choice because they do not contain natural latex proteins, so you can use them even if you have allergies (however, they can cause allergic reactions in people sensitive to ZDBC / CAS number: 136-23-2 - this is a chemical used in the manufacture of gloves in trace amounts, but if an allergic reaction occurs, stop using them and consult a doctor).


They are a medical product; they have a textured finger surface to allow a precise grip; they fit perfectly in the hand and have a universal shape (you can put them on both hands); they do not contain powder (so there is no risk of contamination of equipment or food); they are strong and durable as well as comfortable and flexible; they have been approved for food contact.

Size: L, XL

Classification: medical device - class I, personal protective equipment - category III

Number of pieces per pack: 100