Nitrile gloves PF Blue, size XS, S, M, L, XL

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Brand: SafeMed
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Tired of protective gloves that irritate your hands? Do you need gloves that will effectively protect you from infection while being gentle on the skin of your hands?

Effect PF BLUE nitrile gloves - perfect grip precision and a high level of protection against infection.




Detailed information

Product detailed description

The PF BLUE Effect Nitrile Blue Gloves are characterised by their high flexibility, which increases comfort while providing freedom of movement (which is extremely important when performing medical or cosmetic procedures). Their fracture strength equals that of latex gloves. This makes them equally effective in protecting against infection without causing type I allergic reactions.


Blue nitrile gloves Effect PF BLUE are indispensable equipment for medical and dental practices. They protect your hands from pathogenic microorganisms and chemicals. At the same time, they guarantee the freedom of movement necessary for treatments requiring precision. These are the qualities that also make it a product commonly used in hairdressing and beauty salons. The gloves are powder-free and approved for food contact. This means you can use them even when working in the food industry.


There is no risk of contamination of food with powdered product. Due to their high durability and high chemical resistance, they are also recommended for cleaning work.


High tensile strength and flexibility 

Resistance to penetration of popular chemotherapeutic drugs 

High chemical resistance and barrier properties confirmed by tests carried out according to EN ISO 374

Synthetic material does not cause allergic reactions

Rolled cuff, reversible shape 

Textured finger surface facilitates precise grip

Powder-free - no risk of environmental contamination with powder 


Size: XS, S, M, L, XL


Colour: Blue


Classification: medical device - class I, personal protective equipment - category III


Number of pieces per pack: 100