DNA FFP2-2989FM fish type

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BT-Fly Fish respirator with a filtration effect of over 95% with FFP2 class. BT-FLY Fish is a comfortable and highly breathable respirator that is easy to breathe in. This special shape called "fish-type" offers you space in front of your mouth. This shape makes it easy to speak through the respirator.

The package contains 25 individually wrapped respirators.



Detailed information

Product detailed description

The FFP2 respirator with a filtration effect of at least 95% prevents the penetration of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, mould spores), fine dust and toxic solid or liquid particles from the outside in, thus protecting the user's respiratory system.

This FFP2 class respirator filters out at least 95% of the particulate matter in the inhaled air.

It does not contain an exhalation valve and can therefore be used for normal wear instead of cloth respirators but with much greater effectiveness.

The respirator should always be worn with thoroughly cleaned hands, so that the entire circumference of the respirator fits the face as closely as possible. When taking it off, touch only the straps, not the air-filtering part.


Filter layers:

Non-woven protective coating
Dust filter
micro-bacterial filter
nano-fibre filter
pleasant material that does not irritate the skin
Packed 1pc in foil in a box of 25.

Features of the DNA FFP2 NR 2989 respirator 

High level of protection against microorganisms, dust, solid and liquid particles
ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, CE 2163 certification
full respirator efficiency for 8 hours
4 layers (including 2 filter layers) for high efficiency 
ear elastics
colour white

Product features:

size: universal
nose clip
comfortable rubber bands behind the ears
Warranty: 2 years
maximum efficiency - 8 hours of full use