Respirator FFP3 DNA 2941 without C-type valve with rubber bands over the head

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The top-of-the-range FFP3 respirator with greater than 99% efficiency captures viruses, bacteria, spores, dust and aerosols. 

The respirator from a renowned Turkish company with a filtration effect of over 99% with FFP3 class prevents the penetration of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, mould spores), fine dust and toxic solid or liquid particles from the outside into the inside, thus protecting the user's respiratory system. 



Detailed information

Product detailed description

Detailed product description 


Disposable synthetic fibre mask conforming to FFP3 standard
Mask with foldable parts suitable for all faces
Adjustable nose clip
Powerful exhalation valve
Hygienic individual respirator cover
The product complies with EN 149:2001-A1:2009 as well as CE 2163.

The respiratory protection mask of protection class FFP3 provides maximum protection against air pollution loads. With a maximum of 5% total leakage and a required protection of at least 99% against particles up to 0.6 µm in size, FFP3 class respirators are able to filter bacteria, spores and viruses, toxic, carcinogenic and radioactive particles. They are also functional for higher levels of fine dust and oil or water-based aerosols. Effective for dust in pharmaceuticals, biological agents and fibers.

The shelf life of a respirator depends on many factors such as the environment, body structure and the way it is used (physical exertion and more). The product is functional until it becomes clogged - manifested by increased breathing resistance.  Take care of increased hygiene. Although the product may still be functional, it may be so contaminated (dust, sweat, body sebum) that continued use is not possible for hygienic reasons.

Wash your hands thoroughly before putting on the respirator.
Put the respirator to your nose, hold it with one hand and put the rubber bands behind your ears or over your head with the other. The respirator must fit along the cheeks and under the chin.
After 8 hours, replace the respirator with a new one.
If you take the respirator off and on repeatedly, touch only the rubber bands, not the respirator itself.
Place the used respirator in a plastic bag that you can seal and then throw away in the trash.